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Massage Therapy in Hove & Lewes Clinics or in the comfort of your own home


I offer the following treatments:
Remedial - Deep Tissue - Sports – Aromatherapy – Holistic – Pregnancy - Lymphatic Drainage - Hot Stone Massage & Reflexology

1. Remedial Massage –
For people with specific muscular problems

As name suggests Remedial massage is a form of massage to remedy muscular pain that is due to accumulated stress and/or a chronic or acute muscular injury, for example:

  • Whiplash • Frozen shoulder & related shoulder girdle problems

  • Sciatic problems • Repetitive Strain injuries (RSI)

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome • Leg, knee & foot problems

It uses some of the same massage techniques as in deep tissue & sports massage:

Usually pain conditions will not go away in one session. Four to six weekly treatments to focus on pain reduction & increased function will be needed.

In addition I will give pain management advice and tips on prevention as appropriate.

2. Deep Tissue Massage 
For People with general muscular tension

Do you suffer from:
      • Niggling pain in the back • Aching joints 
      • Stiff neck and shoulders that cause excessive pain and headaches
I offer drug-free pain relief for these conditions.

Deep Tissue massage is a treatment that uses deep, penetrating and soothing massage techniques for problems created by daily stress.
Often the body’s reaction is to develop painful spasms, adhesions and tightness that impairs the muscle function and restricts mobility. 
Deep Tissue massage will help loosen these restrictions, relieving pain, improving circulation and bringing a sense of easiness and lightness.

Muscular tension responds well to deep tissue treatments. It usually takes between four and six treatments to alleviate the condition, however you should find your muscles beginning to feel more relaxed after only one session. 
Pain management advice and tips on prevention will also be given as appropriate.

3. Sports Massage 
For People with sports related muscular problems or tension

Planning a marathon? Wanting to resume exercise after a long lay-off? 
Or general maintenance? 
Sports Massage is ideal for
    • Pre or post events • Injury prevention • Rehabilitative care 
    • General muscle fatigue

Each session is individually tailored to the client's needs, taking into consideration the type of sport, level of fitness, and physical structure of the client.

The techniques used in sports massage are:

  • Soft tissue release (STR), which breaks down adhesions that are binding muscle fibers causing restrictions and a proneness to injury
  • Muscle energy techniques (MET), a collective name for a variety of stretching techniques to strengthen or break down fibrous adhesions
  • Trigger point therapy, addressing tender points with a predictable pain pattern by applying static pressure

Especially in cases of sports injuries, follow up treatments 
(between 4 and 6) are important to help avoid recurrence of injuries.

For Complete Relaxation - Relieves Stress & Anxiety

A blend of specially prepared organic, essential oils are applied during the massage. The oils can differ 
from relaxing and calming to invigorating and stimulating. The massage can range from light and soothing to deep and vigorous, depending on the client’s requirements. Relieves stress, anxiety and improves the client’s mood.

For Sensitive Bodies

Holistic massage relaxes the body, utilizing the therapeutic properties of touch. It can relieve physical tension and emotional stress, inducing a sense of well-being and increasing vitality. 
Regular massage can help to relieve physical tension, emotional stress and associated symptoms such as anxiety, depression, headaches and insomnia inducing a sense of well-being and increased vitality. 

Emotional Support & Nurturing Touch For Mums To Be

A massage designed to relieve tension and stress placed on a mother’s body during pregnancy. Relieves muscle spasm, hip and back pain and improves circulation. It also helps to maximise breathing capacity that is needed during labour.

Encourages Detoxification in a Gentle Way

An extremely light, repetitive hands-on treatment that re-energizes the lymphatic system to expel toxins from the body. The skin is massaged across and along pathways of the lymphatic system to increase the flow and correct any excess of fluid within the body tissues. This treatment is beneficial for people suffering from recurring infections and a low immune system.

For Ultimate Relaxation & To Reduces Accumulated Tension

Hot Stone Massage uses smooth, heated volcanic basalt stones of varying sizes that absorb and retain heat. In addition to the use of the stones, traditional Swedish massage techniques are applied.
During the treatment, some of the stones are placed along the spine or other key points of the body, creating a sense of total comfort. The pleasantly heated stones deeply penetrate and warm tight muscles and help to release long-standing tensions in a gentle way.

Working on the feet, releasing tension of the entire body
Reflexology is a safe treatment primarily used for relaxing tension in the body by applying pressure to various points on the feet & hands.
The principal behind it is that there are reflex areas on the feet & hands that correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. 
Stimulating these reflexes properly can help many health problems in a natural way and can be regarded as a type of preventative maintenance.

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